Updated December 2020


In response to the ongoing pandemic, we ask that everyone on site adheres strictly to the following safety protocol and procedures.


These guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of all our customers and staff.


  • Please bring your own face mask with you and wear it until you’re in your studio. If you don’t have one then a free disposable face mask can be supplied from reception.

  • On arrival please wash your hands or use one of the sanitising stations provided throughout the building.

  • Please stick to the government issued guidelines at all times and maintain the two-metre social distancing rules whilst in the building.



  • All equipment and rooms will be sanitised before use.

  • Maintain 2m distancing within the rooms where possible.

  • Singers – it’s very much safer to use your own mic, but if this is not possible we can supply microphones with sanitised wind cover.

  • Our staff will do their best to assist during rehearsals within the restrictions dictated by social distancing and contact.

  • Communal areas are all closed. Only one person at a time to make use of our tea and coffee station in reception.

  • Please ensure you use the toilet which is assigned to your studio.

  • Please wash your hands as regularly as possible while you’re here and when leaving the building.

  • Payment by card only. 

  • Be aware that the grace period of 15 minutes at the start and end of your session is currently not in service. We require prompt entrance and exit to maintain cleanliness



​Opening Hours & Pricing

The booking times are inclusive of setting up and packing up/leaving the studio - please do not arrive before your start time as you will not have access to the building, and please ensure that you have vacated the studio by the finish time stated.
By adhering to these guidelines, it will enable us to continue to offer a high standard of service and also will allow plenty of time between bookings to fully clean the studios. 

The room prices have been increased by £5 per session. This allows us to continue to provide the high level of standards, service and cleanliness you have come to expect. These times are as follows:


STUDIO 1: £60 (3 hours, up to 5 people)

                  £70 (4 hours, up to 5 people)

STUDIO 2: £60 (3 hours, up to 5 people)

                  £70 (4 hours, up to 5 people)

STUDIO 3: £50 (3 hours, up to 4 people)

                  £60 (4 hours, up to 4 people)

LIVE ROOM: £75 (3 hours, up to 7 people)

                     £85 (4 hours, up to 7 people)

We are now back to operating our normal hours: we are open between 10am - 11pm, except for Mondays when we are currently closed during the day to allow for deep cleaning, opening from 6pm - 11pm.


Arrival & Departure

In the first instance, please come to the main reception area, using the main entrance, so that we know you’re here. For loading and unloading, where practicable, please use the doors nearest to each studio; that is the rear door in the back car park for Studio 1, the side door for Studios 2 and 3 and the double doors at the front of the building for the Live Room. Please adhere to all relevant signage and guidance from the staff.

Payment: Payment is by invoice or text message link only and payment should be made at least 12 hours before the start of the booking. If payment is not received, The Hive Rooms reserves the right to cancel the booking. Additional payments for items from the shop can be made by contactless card payment. Cash will not be accepted on site. These measures are in place to limit contact between staff and customers where possible.

Use of the Rehearsal Studios

Keep a minimum of 2 metres apart at all times.
Hand sanitiser is available for each studio; please use before entry and upon leaving. The Hive Rooms reserves the right to ask customers to leave the premises if these extra measures are persistently broken. They are in place for everyone’s safety and wellbeing, and we must enforce them as fully as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Public Areas

KITCHEN​: Unfortunately, the kitchen will not be in general use until further notice. Hirers may, however, use the coffee machine (with disposable cups and spoons).

TOILETS:​ Currently there is one stall available for each studio. Please only use your own studio’s toilet and help us by wiping the seat, flush and door handles after each use with the wipes provided. Of course, please wash your hands thoroughly after use.
We will have further safety measures in place in accordance with the most current Government Guidelines which will be outlined in the booking confirmation email.

Stay Safe, Keep Practicing

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