Do you have an unused instrument lying around?

A guitar that you bought during lockdown, but no longer have time to play?

A keyboard that’s taking up space in the attic? 

A drum kit that’s annoyed the neighbours one too many times?


Would you like us to find it a good home?


We’re starting an Instrument Upcycling scheme; here’s how it works…


Bring us your old / unused / unloved instruments.

We’ll get them into tip-top shape, make sure they’re in good working order and PAT Test electrical items.

The instrument will be donated to a keen, young musician who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford one.


Simple! Everyone’s a winner - it’s always a shame to see an instrument that’s never used, gathering dust in the corner, so donating yours to our Instrument Upcycling scheme means that it’ll go to a good home and actually be played, and hopefully kickstart a lifelong passion for playing music.


Get in touch and let us know what you’ve got for us!

01293 855374

The Hive Rooms Hand Me Down Scheme

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