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What's New - Building is coming to an end!

Whilst the country has been at a standstill, the Hive Team have been busy beavers (in a covid secure way), and the last phase of building is nearly complete.

The main part of the build is a large recording studio which will complement our current, smaller studio nicely. At the centre of the yet to be named studio is the huge live room which will be able to accommodate everything from full live band recordings to orchestras and choirs.

One of the main focuses of the studio live room was to be able to adjust the sound in the space to suit the session. This will play an important part for all things relating to drums! The chaps have designed a cut out in the ceiling in the centre of the room which has a movable gobo; this gobo, which will be partly absorbent, can be lowered to soak up some of the room reflections. This allows the space to be great for big, open sounding drums with loads of room sound, or tighter, dryer kit sounds.

Having a vocal booth of a good size is a game-changer when tracking multiple instruments at the same time, and the vocal booth is big enough to be a really useable space. The far corner will have a corner hot tub that hasn't been installed yet (only joking).

Finally, the control room. We are keeping the details of what's happening in here under wraps for now, but it's going to be awesome. As you can see there is a big space with good viewing windows into the main live room (to the right) and the booth in front.

We are all excited to be so close to the end and what a way to finish off the venue with this killer studio. We can't wait for everyone to see it and start using it!


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