The Hive Rooms is a multipurpose studio complex which offers rehearsal spaces for musicians and bands, professional recording studios, as well as a wide range of other music services and production solutions.


Developed with passion, pride and purpose, this creative hub serves bands and musicians across the UK, South East and London.   Conveniently located just off the M23 next to Gatwick Airport in Surrey, The Hive Rooms is also a fantastic facility for international artists and bands touring globally.

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 rehearsals. Recording. production. 

A creative hub built by musicians for musicians. 

OUR Well equipped Rehearsal rooms and Recording studios are comfortable and clean, allowing you to focus on what you do best...

Our rehearsal rooms are designed to be comfortable, productive workspaces  and range from 320sq ft to over 900sq ft.  All rehearsal studios are air conditioned, acoustically treated and are kitted out with high spec equipment.

Studio with all the toys, bells and whistles you could ever want in a creative space. Studio A is a blend of vintage-modern flavours, consisting of high-end analogue outboard and world-class digital. This unique take on the modern studio allows you to have a huge amount of flexibility.  With a range of uses and services on offer from Mixing and Mastering to Voice Overs and Album/Demo Recording, it's worth taking a look around or getting in touch to discuss your project.

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